Custom Products

Special Order/Custom Project Definition

A special order or custom project is anything that is not advertised on your this Citeos Merchandise Collection eStore.

This merchandise can be anything from a pen that is different in color or as complicated as making a mold and producing a completely unique item from scratch. There are always minimum production quantities that need to be achieved to proceed with producing the merchandise.

When to do a Custom Order

  • You are working on a project that requires something special that you cannot find within the pre-approved merchandise collection.
  • Your quantity is large enough to do a custom order.
  • You would like help finding the perfect merchandise to highlight your event, campaign, or project.

What you need to begin the process

  • When: A date when you will need the merchandise.
  • Who: Exactly who will be receiving the item such as associates at an offsite meeting, health fairs for employees, etc…
  • How Much: What is your budget?
  • Where: Location item needs to be shipped to.
  • What: Is there any specific item that you have thought about to begin the process?

Our Custom Order Services

  • This website has been designed to generate ideas. NOTE: You are not limited to what you see here! Visit for more ideas.
  • Once you have contacted your custom order team we will collaborate with you to find the right merchandise for your event, and then will provide product ideations and pricing quotations to you based on your input.
  • Your custom order team member will consider your lead time, budget, artwork request, and any other details vital to providing the right recommendations for your project.
  • Our team will provide the necessary proofs, samples, and timeline updates to make sure your project gets delivered as expected!